CCT Database Project

Photo Credit: James R. Tomelleri

The goal of the coastal cutthroat trout database project is to lead a cooperative effort among agencies and biologists to gather data, reports, and other scientific information about coastal cutthroat trout and house it in a single framework that is accessible to scientists and managers.

The Coastal Cutthroat Trout Interagency Committee along with Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission identified that data for coastal cutthroat trout is collected incidentally to other species and not summarized in a unified framework. This makes is difficult to develop status assessments or other science-based management plans. Without good status assessments of coastal cutthroat trout it is difficult for decision makers to set management priorities for conservation and restoration. This effort is intended to provide information that can remedy this issue. Currently, we are focusing on five tasks:

  • continue to gather available information on documented occurrence of coastal cutthroat trout throughout their distributional range;
  • populate the Access relational database;
  • derive a publication spatial dataset from the relational database;
  • create a searchable library of documents;
  • create a map viewer of the available data

The coastal cutthroat trout database is a large and complex multi-year project. If you have data you would like to share or comments and questions about the project please contact Kitty Griswold or Stephen Phillips.